Hello everyone!!! I want to tell you about my recent chat with Lorenzo Rizzello and Stefano Fiorentino on Italian Embedded.

We talked about a little bit of everything: we started by talking about baccalà alla vicentina, a typical recipe of our cuisine, and then we moved on to topics like working abroad and IoT (Internet of Things). My goal is always to share things that can be useful to someone, and I hope I succeeded.

I really enjoy following the Italian Embedded channel. They try to explain well the technical things in the embedded industry and talk about the opportunities there. It’s nice to see that there are people like Lorenzo and Stefano who are so committed.

Oh, and there’s also another cool thing on Italian Embedded’s YouTube channel: an interview with Andrea Codini, the CTO of Santagostino. He talks about very interesting things about IoT and beyond. I recommend you take a look at it (link)!

I hope this talk will be interesting for you as well. Let me know what you think!

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